Welcome to colony beta-1657 you Brave souls are wave 2 in this long range colonization project. All of you are the top of field when it comes to Colonist life but yes we leave the comfort of a settled world behind and explore the beyond. You have been hired by one of the guilds or councils below(i accept suggestions/new ideas). As well where do you operate Terrestrial or space and then where in the structure of the colony build do you fit. This will help me assign ‘work’ or career equipment and such. as well for designations thus far i have fringe and populace as definers of where you work and how you are equipped more to come so check back

The Beta-1657 Mission
This is a long range long term mission likely no return possible.
This is a seed colonization

Wave 1
Colony 1 heads to site upon arrival sets extends rings and begins detailed scans and surveys of system

Wave 2
Currently is in final phase of leaving for the colony site the wave 2 colony 2 carrier station splits into location and or guild ships as portrayed in the banner some how each of you is attached to one of these ships though not all one persay your ship is your hometown feel outhere

Character Creation

Proposed player characters
colony council:
Security guild:
Construction guild: Terrestrial fringe operator
Mining Guild
Farming guild

Colony beta-1657

Riftrider 17